Any ethical endeavor should strive to have certain standards that are adhered to consistently. Here are certain things readers can expect.  


Comments, their existence, and their policing, are utterly at the whim of the moderator (i.e. me, the guy who runs the blog). Commenters are encouraged to abide by the Wheaton's law.  

Relative safety

To the extent that it is technically and legally possible for me to do so, I will not disclose personally identifying information about visitors without their express consent. I cannot protect you from either the NSA, or other assholes. I reserve the right to disclose names and personally identifying information about people who email me death threats. I also reserve the right to publish correspondence sent to me via email, comment, or other means. This does not mean that if you send me a friendly or even angry email with your address in it, that I will gratuitously publish it. I tend to respect people's privacy. This rule is mainly to allow me to publish hilarious or clueless solicitations for advertisements for this blog, scam emails (should I consider them sufficiently humorous or relevant), legal requests, and abusive or threatening correspondence that crosses the line.  


While I strive to be accurate when it comes to the content of this blog, the purpose of My Chemical Journey is to track my education, and those topics in chemistry and life that interest me. You shouldn't rely on this information to help you pass a test, or run a business. I am, by definition, an enthusiast. I would like to become an expert, and there may come a time when I will be an expert, but if you are reading this message, now is not that time. If you find an error in a post, I welcome clarification and correction. please email me at chemicaljourney@gmail.com.

Erasure and Errata

If I detect errors on the site, I reserve the right to delete or correct them at random without notice, and without indication that the page was corrected. This is mainly because I sometimes find spelling or grammar issues long after the fact, and issuing errata and notices of correction would be tedious, pointless, and serve no one. Larger errors, in the science, or the substance of what I've written, will generally be accompanied by a notice it was corrected, but may be removed completely, especially if I feel the errors are too problematic to rectify.

 Financial Ethics

If there is an advertisement on the website, assume I am making some money from it. How much, and in what amount, is entirely dependent on what kind of advertisement it is. There will be advertisements I will put up that direct you to non-profit websites and charities, and those will NOT benefit me financially unless they are served to you through an automated advertising system I may implement (Like Google AdWords.) I may link to products on Amazon as an affiliate marketer. This is not because I'm being directly encouraged or paid to market a particular product, but I will make money from products you buy through this website. I ask that if you do wish to buy something I've linked to, that you do buy it through the website, so that you end up supporting my efforts here. You can trust I will explicitly make clear any paid endorsement, even if the only "payment" is a sample.