Monday, June 30, 2008

Look Up!

How do you like my new banner? The one at the top that replaced the default Blogger one. I was going to spell the whole thing out with element symbols, but as it turns out, there are no elements with the letter J as a symbol. Turns out there is no chemical symbol M or Mi, so I substituted an upside-down Wolfram (Tungsten, I use the two names interchangeably.)

The masses and proton numbers are of course, correct. (AMU to two decimals.)

As simple as the design is, it was a pain to draw up in paint. I can hear the photoshoppers laughing as I write that.


  1. It looks good, I use MS Paint for everything.

  2. I think that's AWESOME. It looks brilliant!

  3. I do like the upside down W for M. But then I do have a particular like for Wolfram, as I did a Year 8 Science project on the element.


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