Saturday, October 25, 2008


Sometimes, I wonder if the phrase "political science" is an oxymoron. I first saw this on MSNBC, but it's been commented on at Pharyngula and doubtless a few other science blogs:

Who in the science community hasn't heard of Drosophila? Hell, anyone who's taken biology in high school knows that they're popular genetic models for experimentation. Some very important research has come out of studying fruit flies, and for someone who has a son with a developmental disability, she should be the last person railing against fruit fly research.

Of course, the France angle was brought into it for kick. Well, according to Keith Olbermann, the research was being done in North Carolina. Of course France is a handy punching bag for her crowd, as evidenced by the White House cafeteria debacle.

We know how Palin feels about fruits anyway. In the interests of perserving scientific funding I propose that the common name of Drosophila be changed to Freedom Flies!

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