Monday, December 1, 2008


"So, you have an end of semester assignment to complete do you?" Your computer asks.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do, it's great though because I have most of it done- now I can spend most of my night completing other assignments."

"Okay. I'm going to crash now."


Yes friends, my hard work has gone up in smoke. I turned on my computer, and shortly after logging on, it decided to put up a blue screen of death for like a nanosecond before restarting. It won't let me do shit now. At first I though this might be a hardware issue, since having my LAN cable inserted seemed to exacerbate the issues. This prospect scared the hell out of me. I though it was some bizarre electrical short. I once got a good minute in before the automatic restart and
sneezed- and everything promptly shut down. It's just post hoc ergo propter hoc though. Something really fucked with my system files. know all my data is still there safe and sound, and I have a partition- so I can reinstall windows if I have too.

My strong suspicion is that my computer has a virus. Normally I'm very good about where I go online. I even have a second user account that I can go into that has maximum security settings in case I decide I might want to do something risky. The other day though, I stumbled upon one of those weird icky sites. You know the kind, badly designed, almost 100% ads, and does weird things with windows resizes.

It's going to be a long night, and tomorrow I have to head over to the polling place after class so I can vote in the run-off election here in Georgia, then I have to worry about getting plane tickets for my brother and I for the holiday, a check not depositing to my account for some reason, a final on Wednesday, and tons of reading. None of this is entirely unexpected, but the computer thing really fucking bites considering how much I need it right now.


  1. I feel your pain. I just got mine back after two weeks with it in repair and me stressing the eff out. Good luck.

  2. mmm this happened to me last semester. I had a huge research paper and a big civic engagement project to do and no computer. It was tough, especially since I simply cannot get work done in the library, I get extremely distracted.
    I certainly feel your pain.

  3. So the blue screen of death has visited you too? Day before a paper is due mine decides to stop letting the keyboard work, and then sits on the fatal error screen for about 12 hours. Good luck, hopefully the evil technofaery will leave you alone soon.

  4. @Ashutosh,

    You gonna buy me one?


  5. If I could I would...seriously! I wanna spread the love around.


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