Sunday, March 29, 2009

Link Love

I've been putting off sorting out my blogroll for a good long while now. There are so many good blogs out there, and I fear, so little column space on this particular template. Never fear though. I'm renovating a little around here. You may have noticed that the margins are a little wider. I've tested reading in both IE (Why are you still clinging to the past?) and Firefox, so there shouldn't be any display issues.

Regardless, there are a few good websites out there I feel should at least get mentioned on this blog once, if not permanently blogrolled. The websites I have not previously linked, but meant to, follow below.


The Curious Wavefunction- A blog I follow, but for some reason never got around to blogrolling. Shame on me! Ashutosh frequently blogs chemical literature with great acuity. Quality of posts in consistent (something I can't say for this blog) Science-related political posts are always insightful and I tend to learn things when I read the blog, a bizarre and unintended consequence.

Cosmic Variance- I have a reputation for being a little spaced out. Perhaps this is why I find astronomy fascinating as a subject I have no intention of specializing in. More importantly the writing style of this blog's various authors. Topics range from space, physics, and science to the current financial crisis. Always worth a look.

Chemical Dependence- Food. Science. Really, what more is there? I'm always appreciative of any website that makes me hungry with pictures of food. The fact that it's run by a chemist is a plus. Don't go defunct on us though!

Observations of a Nerd- I just came across this the other day, and it's actually a very well written blog, considering it's written by a biologist with the temerity to minor in chemistry. Ah, well- no one's perfect. I actually believe I still owe her a small plush toy.


Sinfest- Is a great example of how something charming and pretty innocent can be denied entry into the mainstream because it casually references sex, drugs, and religion. Syndication has been an issue for the cartoonist, Tatsuya Ishida, and I doubt it will find it's way into your local daily anytime soon. Anyone want to ask why old media is dying again?


  1. Nice links; already was subscribed to Curious Wavefunction, and picked up Chemical Dependance.

    Sinfest was the first webcomic I started reading, and still keep up today. I futilely try and keep up with about a dozen, but that's still one of my favorites.

  2. Many thanks for the plug! The feeling is reciprocated

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  4. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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