Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't Worry- This Doesn't Happen in America

Via BoingBoing:


  1. I don't know, MCJ, part of me thinks this guy is full of shit. I don't (and have never) lived near the Mexican border so I don't have a good idea of what goes on over there. Police brutality has been somewhat of an issue where I live but typically it's because racism runs on the high side here. I just don't understand why the guy didn't let them search the car if he had nothing to hide. I think he was a prick about his "fourth ammendment rights." Not to justify what happened afterwards, but seriously. What's the big deal about having some dude check out your trunk?

  2. There is always that danger that a person is lying about any encounter. However, if he is telling the truth- the police cannot infringe upon his rights.

    The single biggest danger inherent in any nation-state is the monopolization of de jure justifiable violence. This is merely one example of that.

    The man has rights, and perhaps one of the most pernicious things that has been happening in this country since well before the Bush administration (though he rightly gets blamed for a lot of the recent innovations) is the de-evolution* of rights into privileges. Those rights are his and he is free to flaunt them in anyone's face if he so chooses.

    *I'm sure a biologist somewhere just felt a sudden pang of disappointment.

  3. WoW! Interesting. It would appear that the American's lack of rights has become more stratified. We've known this type of treatment happens in ethnic and low income areas. Now, it has happened with an obviously intelligent non-violent man able to remember all their names and tell the story with a clear detailed account. It probably won't fix the problem. However, the cops really screwed up on that one. I agree cops use way too much force.

  4. This is truly, awfully appalling if it is true. But I hope Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs and the Christian right don't make this a case about officers with Hispanic names beating up a pious Christian American.

    I don't know...part of me agrees with CD above and thinks that if I were in his place I might have shrugged and let them search the trunk even if I was not happy about it. But your point is also quite true; cases like this can rapidly turn into a slippery slope. What's stopping them from keeping you for an hour and asking you questions just as a matter of "routine inspection"? And when does this extend from searching your car to searching your home? I personally think that the taser is one of the most humiliating forms of restraints.

  5. ^^^ i agree this could inflame racism.


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