Monday, June 1, 2009

Stuff On The 'Tubes

A few things to call to your attention:

1. Silence is the Enemy: At The Intersection, Sheril Kirshenbaum blogs about the plight of women in Africa where where in some parts, 75% of women are raped, and the alarming trend continues to grow. Visit the page, give it a once over and see what you might be willing to do to help.

2. The shooting death of Dr. George Tiller is all over the news. Bitch PhD has a good link post on the subject.

3. World Refugee day is coming up (June 20) and I intend to blog about it. The UNHCR site has yet to set up a dedicated page though.

4. I have a post up at Chemistry-Blog about the way constants are given superficial treatment in science education.

5. Scientists over at Nanosonic have made electrically conducting, nigh indestructible rubber.

6. Newsweek, yes- Newsweek, tackles Oprah's quackery.

7. I leave you with a lolcat to brighten your day:


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