Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blame Canada

Watch this video from the BBC, with an excellent summary of the facts surrounding the video of Omar Khudr from Guantanamo. I am an American who is extremely distressed by my country's human rights abuses, but Canada is supposed to be our friend. Whatever happened to wrapping an arm around your friend's shoulder and saying,

"You know, you're being kind of a dick."

When will this Guantanamo thing end? Are we going to continue having secret prisons for the rest of our days as the United States of America? Don't tell me it's until we win the War on Terror (TM). That's not a winnable war, terror is a tactic and a strategy, we may as well declare war on the Hall-Heroult process or on Shock'n'Awe (TM). It is unconscionable that we, a country that believes in the doctrine of freedom for all, would hold a child, a child, for years in inquisition.

The idea that we should indict George W. Bush for war crimes is appealing to me. I'm not sure if it can be done legally. Still, this is not the kind of thing you just let go of.

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