Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy National Pyromania Day!

Well, I finally got around to posting this. These are pictures followed by a description. All of this happened in Downtown Atlanta at the Centennial Olympic Park. They hold an Independence Day celebration every year I think. I went with my brother and some friends.

This is a picture of the Westin hotel, still missing windows still knocked out by Atlanta's tornado. Georgia sees its share of twisters, but they tend to go around Atlanta proper.

This is a picture of the crowd before as we entered the park. There was some mild security at the entrance, somewhere between shopping mall and airport. The hippie dude is the most colorfully dressed guy there too. For some bizarre reason, there were a lot of people wearing red, myself included. Coincidence perhaps, but weird just the same.

This is a picture of where we were Sitting/standing. It looks slick, but it's actually bone dry. It's the inside of one of the fountains, a testament to the drought here in Georgia.

The fireworks Begin! The show was okay, not as great as the one over at Lenox Mall, which has the biggest display in the Southeast.

I'm guessing it's a copper chloride salt burning here, but pyrotechnicians are a crafty bunch, you never know what they've cooked up. (Oh yeah, I totally snuck some chemistry in here.)

Only in the South my friend, only in the south! Ask me later why Americans have an obesity problem. Even I dared not attempt such a dangerous stunt.
Of course, the best way to finish off a night of fireworks is a few rounds of backgammon. My friend is sitting off to the right coaching both players. He's really believes he's the backgammon master. I'll see if I can post video of the fireworks later, I'm posting from a coffee shop and the internet speed here is good, but not that good.

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