Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday T-Shirt

I was hanging around Pharyngula when I read his post on a man who recommends people who "believe in" evolution wear placards around their necks so they could be identified in public. More than a little mad, I posted this comment. I've decided to follow through on that and make the t-shirt myself (the space ship is in development hell). I've improved the wording a bit. Tell me what you think:


You can buy it at cafe press here. Besides apparel, there are some other incarnations I thought people might enjoy (mugs etc.)

Update: Coolness, I'm gettin' some love from the squid man.
Update 2: For non-scientists, there is a version with just "Science" here.


  1. Nice. If only there was one for historians.

  2. What's a sun death?

    Haha sorry, anyways I love this t-shirt! :D

  3. pretty funny--for a chemist!

    ha! us fizzi... fisi...phis... um...fizisists are phunny.

  4. @ ouchimoo,

    It's when the sun begins feeding on its own core for fuel, expanding into a red giant and destroying the earth. Don't worry, not happening for a while

  5. Yeah, my bad. I didn't catch on until somebody at PZ's blog mentioned it. .then it was . . oh duh well don't I feel stupid. In my defense, I always figured earth would go first anyways. Lot's of use but lack of maintenance.


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